Thank you Victor for the wonderful service you provided on my smog for my old Nissan truck. Was able to get to DMV afterwards! Now am driving legal!

Laura R. - 18/11/2019

Amazing service! Called to make an appointment an hour before I was able to come in, and they fit me in. Gentleman on the phone was very polite. I arrived 30 minutes early, and they took my car in within a couple minutes. In 15 minutes (or less) my smog check was done! Price is not bad but I would honestly pay more just for the service! Thank you!!

Nikki Z. - 18/11/2019

So I brought my car here a couple times but the first time I had a check engine light on and they did a diagnostic test and so we got it fixed and came back, but I guess if the battery has been taken off you have to drive it at a certain speed for like 50 miles. So I came back again and it passed with flying colors. Every time I came the guy was very friendly and helpful. I would recommend these guys to everyone.

Sarah C. - 18/11/2019

These guys are great! Tuo and the other guy were very thorough when checking out my car, they even got under the hood and I asked them what they were looking for and Tuo told me he was checking for leaks How great is that They got me in and out within 10 minutes. I'm now driving legal, lol. Highly recommend!

Donnie D. - 18/11/2019